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The main star of Koshara picnic is the Charcuterie board with the finest selection of Croatian meat and cheeses, different spreads and homemade rosemary crackers.

Each picnic is enriched  with carefully put together croissant sandwiches.

To sweeten the end of your picnic you can treat yourself with "Gospar" - the best chocolate brownie ever; made by our co-founder pasty chef Lucija, and fresh fruit which is at the moment in the season and can be found on the Dubrovnik green market.

To make sure you are well hydrated the Koshara picnic is equipped with water and wine- it's your choice if it's red, white or sparkling.

We have spent the last year carefully designing the ultimate picnic offer, taking into consideration our previous customer preferences. 

We can accommodate all of your needs; if you want a vegan picnic, or something special just contact us, and let us know! 


Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual picnics may vary due to product enhancement.
We can always discuss how to personalize the picnic to your dietary restrictions.
The picnic needs to be booked at least 2 days in advance.

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